The Legend of Rafferty's

Thanks for visiting Rafferty's Pizza! And just what makes our pizza so special... Read on to discover the amazing legend behind the leprechaun Rafferty and his need for something new:

As you would guess, the leprechaun introduced the pizza to the Emerald Isle.

It seems a leprechaun named Rafferty had tired of the same old diet of potatoes, cabbage, and corned beef, so he asked his fellow leprechauns to meet him in Dublin with their favorite foods.

From County Cork came O’Conner with fine natural cheeses; from Galway, McNamara brought exotic herbs and rare spices; from Kilkenny, Flanigan came with freshly picked vegetables; and Kelly from Tipperary brought tender, lean meats.

Not to be trapped into making Irish stew, Rafferty decided to turn these ingredients into a pie. But, a pie unlike any that had ever been seen before.

While sonnets were being recited by Casey from Limerick, Rafferty placed all the ingredients on a freshly-rolled crust and baked it in a very special oven.

In no time at all the pizza was removed from the oven and filled the small pub with a delightful fragrance.

Beer was poured, and the pizza was sliced and the leprechauns ate, laughed and made merry till the wee hours.

At each gathering of the leprechauns, new varieties of pizza were created.

Although leprechauns are not heard from as often these days, every once in a while a new variety of pizza is discovered in the ovens of a Rafferty’s Pizza Restaurant for Brainerd, Baxter, Nisswa and Minnesota residents to enjoy.