• The Fresh Guys

    Using only the freshest ingredients!
  • Legend

    As you would guess,the leprechaun introduced the pizza to the Emerald Isle. It seems a leprechaun named Rafferty had tired of the same old diet of potatoes, cabbage,
  • Gluten Free

    We offer many gluten free options at Rafferty’s Pizza!

Rafferty’s Pizza

Famous Pizzas!
The finest pizzas created by man (or leprechauns) using McNamara’s secret sauces topped with O’Connor’s fine, natural cheeses, Flanigan’s freshly picked vegetables, Kelly’s tender, lean meats, Nicholas’ finest seafood, Allie’s grilled chicken, baked on Rafferty’s very own freshly rolled crust.

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NOVEMBER PIZZA OF THE MONTH! Available at  Westgate Mall  in

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